Ontario cottage rentals and vacation rentals for all Ontario, Canada rent Ontario cottages here for rent by owner For rent by owner vacation properties at Ontario Cottages makes search for that Ontario Cottage easyvisti john.ontariocottages.com a responsive sample

Responsive Websites fit any screen from phones to monitors. Use your Cottage Listing with Ontario Cottages as your Website.


- $99 per year.
- you.ontariocottages.com URL
- Your logo or stylized name top left.
- Up to 12 Photos, no charge.
- Editing after approval contact us.
- HST is extra on all pricing.
- All payments are in full and in advance, no exceptions!
That's it!

List your Ontario Cottage Property at Ontario Cottages for all you vacation property rentalsrenting an Ontario cottage is simple at Ontario cottages where vacation properties and cottage rentals are displayed on all devices Buying a cottage at Ontario cottages is simply finding that right vacation property in Ontario, Canada.
Your Listing:
- Responsive Web Site!
- Your Domain Name Upper Left
- Ontario Cottages Search Button
- Your Main Photo on the right.
- Beneath the title your property description
- This side bar is for property details
- Availability Calendar
- Contact Form
- Hit Counter
- Link to Google Map
- 12 Free Photos
- All items offered wil be removed at your request.
- Availability Calendars are helpful unless not kept up to date and then they hurt not only you but everyone on the site

Our Recommendations:
- List on as many places as you can.
- Free is good but remember as of today Kijiji for example has 20,000 Vacating Rental Listings in Canada.
- This, our offer, is both a listing and Web Site or Landing Page.
- We are averaging well over 1,000 unique visitors a year per property
- Get this site out there on your ads, get it book marked by people but keep that Calendar up to date or removed.
- All sites are hosted on our servers to take advantage of the features offered.

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